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Local corporate and community support opportunities – offers a variety of ways for your company to get involved in our work. If you are looking for opportunities at any level, please call 954-281-2556.

With local Florida events, memorable volunteer opportunities, and a mission that resonates with so many around Florida and soon to be nationwide, can offer your company a way to engage as a team while helping a cause that is close to the hearts of your employees and your customers — saving the lives of pets in shelters across Florida.

Studies have shown that employees who have a favorable impression of their company’s philanthropic program are four times more likely to be truly loyal employees and five times more likely to remain with their employer. So investing in philanthropic programs is an investment in the well-being of your company. APRND, we make it easy for you to boost morale, promote a positive reputation to customers, and participate in team building programs that engage your employees in a meaningful way.

Some of the ways to get involved:

Start an employee giving program. One of the best ways to increase your philanthropic footprint is by offering your employees a chance to donate to APNRD 501c3 partners through regular payroll deductions. If you already have a giving program in place, consider adding Best Friends as an option. We can provide materials and information for your team or even give your group a personalized presentation about the lifesaving work APNRD’s partners are doing right in your community.

Don’t have an employee giving program yet? Don’t worry! We can get you set up.

Volunteer as a group. Whether it’s creating a pet food drive in your office, organizing a group to volunteer at a community event, or just stopping to visit and socialize with our adoptable animals, APNRD offers opportunities to boost company morale and remind your employees why they love working for you.

Participate in a local event. APNRD is planning on creating annual fundraising events , fun run and festival events. We can create a corporate package, so your employees can raise money for APNRD’s partner 501c3’s while competing for awards and recognition. Consider increasing the fundraising momentum by challenging another company in your area or providing incentives for top fundraisers within your team! Call 954-281-2556 for more information.

Match employee donations, fundraising goals or volunteer hours. Some of the most respected brands in the world motivate their employees to get involved in their communities by providing incentives. These companies know that when animals are no longer killed in shelters simply for not having safe places to call home, people are healthier, happier, and more compassionate. And that leads to vibrant communities for businesses. Sponsor an event. Through APNRD’s planned events in cities across Florida, sponsors have the opportunity to build brand awareness and connect with APNRD’s partner members. It’s an ideal way to show our dedicated audience your workplace cares about the animals. Raise funds. Raising money for APNRD partners is a fantastic way to engage your employees and customers in a cause close to their hearts.

Consider hosting an event within your office, like a “jeans for a cause” day, or asking your customers to add $1 to their purchase when they check out.

Promote foster parenting. When you foster a homeless pet, you are changing the future for one lucky dog or cat and helping save others by creating space for another pet in need. And because animals naturally help to reduce stress, you may just find you have happier, more productive employees!

Companies support APRND Partners because they want to help save the lives of pets, and because we have the reach, experience and track record to create innovative partnerships that cater to your strengths and create lasting impact. No matter what your situation, we have a program that will suit your needs.

For more information on how to get started call 954-281-2556.

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